Millions of people are involved in automobile accidents each year in the United States. Fortunately, many accidents only involve property damage to the vehicles. However, some car accidents involve severe physical injuries that may require expensive and long-term medical care. In either case, the steps you take after a car accident can help or hurt your chances of recovering compensation for your damages.

Our Tennessee auto accident attorneys can help you take the necessary steps to protect your legal rights. In most cases, we advise car accident victims to take these steps whenever possible after a car accident if they contact us before it is too late.

  1. Always report the accident to the police.

Even a minor accident should be reported to the police. Calling 911 from the accident scene is usually the easiest way to report the crash and request help. An official accident report can be very helpful in proving fault in an accident case. An accident report may be required for the insurance company who we ask to pay you for your damages and injuries.

  1. Take pictures of the accident scene.

It may not always be possible to take pictures of the accident scene, but it can help. If it is safe to do so, take pictures of the vehicles and the surrounding area. A video is also extremely helpful in an accident claim.

  1. Get the names of eyewitnesses.

Eyewitness testimony can be very persuasive is the other party denies fault for the accident. If anyone saw what happened, try to get the person’s name and contact information before they leave.

  1. Seek medical treatment for your injuries.

It is always a good idea to promptly see a doctor after a car accident. Some injuries may not be immediately known because symptoms may not be present for a few hours or days after the collision. Because a delay in medical treatment could be used negatively by the insurance company for the other driver, it is best to see a doctor as soon as possible after the accident.

  1. Do not use social media or post information online.

Even if you use the highest security settings for your online accounts, the information you post online may become available to the other side who will only try to use it against you. An innocent post about a birthday party you attended could be used to argue you must not have been as severely injured as you allege in your claim if you went to that event. It is usually best to avoid posting anything online until you meet with our Tennessee car accident attorneys to discuss your claim.

  1. Keep a pain and suffering journal.

Proving pain and suffering damages can be difficult in some cases. Keeping notes about your daily struggles with pain and how your injuries impact your daily life can be helpful. A journal can also help you keep track of important information from your doctors about your medical treatment and condition.

  1. Keep detailed records of all expenses.

The financial damages caused by a car accident can be significant. Keeping detailed records of all expenses related to the accident, your injuries, and your recovery can help increase the chance you receive full compensation for all damages. These expenses include damage to your vehicle, towing charges, storage charges, rental car fees, the cost to replace items inside your vehicle that were destroyed, and other expenses that can be documented.

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Our Tennessee car accident attorneys can help you file an accident claim and handle the negotiations with the insurance company so that you can focus on your recovery. Studies prove that people who have an attorney represent them after being injured in a car accident receive three times more for their damages than if they did not get an attorney’s help. Contact the personal injury attorneys at Cummings Law today. We are here to provide the support and legal guidance you need after being injured in a car wreck.


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