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If you have suffered a personal injury due to the negligence or misconduct of another,
you are legally entitled to receive just compensation.

In almost all cases, however, you will have to file a personal injury lawsuit to do so. You’ll need a trustworthy lawyer who works exclusively in this field and so has well-honed skills in personal injury litigation. If you are seeking such a person in Middle Tennessee, the person you’re looking for is Brian Cummings at Cummings Law in Nashville. He is not only highly esteemed, but has a track record of success. He will fight aggressively to win you the compensation you deserve.
Whether you have been injured in a vehicular accident or an incident of medical malpractice, Brian Cummings has the knowledge and legal talents to win your case.

Not only is he savvy litigator; he is an agile negotiator who may obtain a substantial settlement for you without even setting foot in the courtroom. Moreover, his understanding of car, truck, motorcycle and pedestrian accidents is matched by his in-depth knowledge of medical malpractice cases. He is, in fact, one of only a handful of board certified medical malpractice attorneys in the state of Tennessee. When your recent trauma leads you to Cummings Law, we will take over all legal and insurance matters so that you will be able to concentrate on healing.


  • $15,000,000
  • $2,750,000
  • $987,547
  • $950,000
  • $1,100,000
  • $700,000

Cummings Law was amazing. Brian Cummings helped us with a significant personal injury claim. His hard work, constant attention, and legal skill got my wife and I a great settlement. I highly recommend him to anyone with a significant personal injury claim who wants a...

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Founding Partner / Trial Lawyer
Why Choose Cummings Law ?
You need a real trial lawyer.

A lawyer whose track record and very presence in your case convey the seriousness of your claim. Not the guy from the billboards who spends more time promoting himself than helping people. And not the out-of-state lawyer who spends more time in front of a camera than in front of a judge or a jury. You need a tough, experienced, trial-tested advocate who is ready and willing to battle it out in court – no matter the size or the clout of your opponent.

I am that trial lawyer.

One hundred percent of my practice is devoted to litigation. Enforcing your rights, making you whole, and securing your highest possible recovery is what I do. I make defendants pay: either through a maximum value settlement or by dragging them onto our home turf – the courtroom.


If you have suffered a serious personal injury due to the negligence or recklessness of someone else, Cummings Law will evaluate the circumstances at no charge to see whether you have a viable case. If you do, we will work tirelessly to get you the substantial compensation you deserve for your medical costs, loss of income, and pain and suffering. Whether you have been injured in a traffic accident, a construction accident, or in an incident of premises liability or medical malpractice, our attorneys have the knowledge and skill to fight vigorously for your rights. We also have the resources to hire any necessary experts to give testimony that will support your case.


Accidents on the roadways of Tennessee and throughout the country are all too common, the majority of which are the result of negligent, reckless, distracted or impaired drivers, though some are caused by poor road maintenance for which government agencies may be responsible. A great many individuals are injured because another driver made the dangerous decision to speed, go through a red light, tailgate or make an illegal turn, often while texting and/or intoxicated. If you have sustained a serious injury in a traffic accident that wasn’t your fault, you are entitled to compensation not only for your physical pain and loss of income, but for emotional trauma as well. Cummings Law will provide you with:

  • EXCELLENT LEGAL REPRESENTATION- When you have been seriously hurt in a traffic accident, you need a vigorous, capable legal representative to fight for your rights while you while you rest and recover from your trauma.
  • INSURANCE RESOURCES- We have the resources to investigate your case thoroughly through examination of police records and medical data. We will listen carefully to your account of events, interview witnesses, examine the site of the accident, and, if necessary, call in expert witnesses to testify on your behalf.
  • PERSONAL ATTENTION AND CONCERN- As your traffic accident attorneys, we will always take your side and work tirelessly to win your case. We empathize with the harm that has been done to you and your family and will work tirelessly to bring you justice.

Personal injuries that occur as a result of medical malpractice are especially distressing because they occur while you are totally dependent on those you have been trained to trust. Whether you are harmed in the doctor’s office, the Emergency Room, during childbirth or during a surgical procedure, when you are a victim of medical malpractice you are not complicit in the event. As noted, Brian Cummings is a first-rate medical malpractice attorney. He will treat you with respect and compassion and provide you with the fervent representation your case warrants. He recovers large amounts of money for his clients involving all types of medical malpractice, including:

  • DIAGNOSTIC ERRORS- Unfortunately, diagnostic errors are by no means rare. Your doctor may have failed to diagnose a serious medical problem, misdiagnosed your condition, or diagnosed a disease too late to arrest its progression.
  • BIRTH INJURIES- Birth injuries can result in pain, the need for surgical procedures, and/or prolonged, or even lifelong, disability. If your obstetrician has caused your baby serious harm, he or she must be held accountable, legally and financially.
  • HOSPITAL NEGLIGENCE- In many cases, medical malpractice is the result not of one doctor’s negligence, ignorance, or inattention but of institutional misconduct, such as lack of proper sanitation, improper protocol, poor recordkeeping, or defective communication among staff members.
  • SURGICAL ERRORS- A moment of distraction during surgery can cause lasting damage to the patient. Common surgical errors include removal of incorrect body parts, anesthesia mistakes, and leaving surgical equipment inside the patient.
  • WRONGFUL DEATH- In worst-case scenarios, medical malpractice can result in patient fatalities due to the negligence or recklessness of a medical professional. Such deaths may occur during a doctor or Emergency Room visit, hospital stay, or surgical procedure, or at a later date.

Whether your personal injury has occurred because on a Tennessee roadway or in a Tennessee medical facility, if you have been hurt due to another’s negligence that person or entity is legally liable for all costs you incur as a result. Cummings Law will make sure you receive every dollar you deserve. Contact us by phone, email, or a form on our website.

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