Electric scooters have become popular forms of transportation in many cities throughout the United States, including cities throughout Tennessee. Several companies have launched electronic scooter networks in many cities.  Lime is one of the companies that has electronic scooters for rent in Tennessee. These networks operate much like bicycle share programs, except riders can leave the scooters anywhere throughout the city and scooters are “unlocked” through the Lime app on the rider’s smartphone.

While the electronic scooters may appear to be a good idea, there are problems with the rental e-scooters. These problems include issues with the safety of riders, motorists, and pedestrians. One issue concerns liability for Lime scooter accidents. If you have been injured in an accident involving a Lime scooter, you may want to contact a Tennessee motor scooter accident attorney to discuss how you can determine who is liable for your injuries and losses. Get the help you need as early as possible.

Accidents Involving Electronic Scooters

Some riders may not fully understand the danger and risk associated with electronic scooters. Because the top speed of an e-scooter is 15 mph, many riders assume that they are not at risk for severe injuries. However, one report states that there were over 1,500 injuries or deaths related to electric scooters in 2018. Because there is not a national database for reporting accidents involving electronic scooters, this estimate may be much lower than the actual figure. It is very likely that there are more scooter-related injuries than are reported.

One example of a severe scooter-related injury involved a 24-year old man died in Dallas after being found unconscious next to a broken Lime e-scooter. In another example, a man riding a Lime scooter in Washington, DC died from his injuries after being struck by an SUV.

Hospitals, urgent care facilities, and other medical facilities have seen a large increase in the number of individuals seeking treatment for electronic scooter accidents. For example, the University of Utah Health reports a 161 percent increase in scooter-related emergency room visits in just one year. Vanderbilt’s ER has also announced seeing a high number of people injured via scooter-related accidents. Scooters involve serious risks. Those risks relate to the rider, pedestrians, and motorists. Just because a scooter may look “fun” does not eliminate the reality of the dangerous risks.

Who is Liable for a Lime Scooter Accident?

When a person is injured while using a Lime scooter, who pays for the person’s damage and losses? The answer lies in the cause of the accident. Users are required to sign (even though it is an electronic consent) liability waivers to use the e-scooters. Liability waivers may not bar a claim involving gross negligence by the company, improper maintenance of the scooters, or a failure to adhere to local laws and regulations. Therefore, in a limited number of cases, Lime might be a defendant in a scooter accident lawsuit.

If the accident involves a motorist, the motorist may be held liable if the driver caused the accident. Likewise, if a hazardous road condition contributed to the cause of the scooter crash, the city could be held liable if it was responsible for the hazardous condition. A manufacturer or distributor could be held liable in a product liability claim if a defect or malfunction led to the electronic scooter accident.

If the rider is negligent or reckless, the rider may not have a claim against another party. In cases in which the rider’s actions contributed to the cause of the accident, compensation for an accident claim may be reduced by the percentage of fault assigned to the rider.

Contact a Tennessee Scooter Accident Attorney to Discuss Your Scooter Accident Claim

A thorough investigation into the cause of the e-scooter accident is required to determine fault and liability.

Contact the personal injury attorneys at Cummings Law today. Our Tennessee scooter accident attorneys can perform a comprehensive accident investigation to determine cause, fault, and liability while preserving crucial evidence that proves the party or parties responsible for the accident are held liable for your damages. Get the help you need as soon as possible.

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